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Selected articles from my portfolio




"Doing business in the Chinese-speaking world," a series of 3 articles about intercultural communication to help businesspeople interested in doing business in China, from the newsletter Mandarin Speaks, 1995

"How credible is that site? Check it out before you cite," a widely republished article about the need for care in using the Internet for research. Charlotte Observer/Knight-Ridder news service, 1997

"Taipei 101: Spectacular and Symbolic," a look at the world's tallest buiding , published on my personal website, Boraks.net, 2005



Students Discuss Iraq War, WFAE-FM, Charlotte, May 2007
Students from Davidson College and Baghdad University used a satellite video link to exchange views about the war in Iraq. It gave those on both sides a chance to understand the situation on a more personal level. David Boraks has this report. Listen

Force of Nature, WFAE-FM, WFAE-FM, Charlotte, N.C., October 2007
On Friday, Sept. 29, David joined artist Takasumi Abe, Davidson gallery director Brad Thomas and Davidson art student Gavin Weber in a trip to Lake Norman to collect sound for his "cloud sphere" installation at Davidson College. Abe and assistants made a bunch of homemade helium balloons to lift Abe's iPod recorder into the sky. Abe wasn't the only one collecting sound. David brought along a recorder as well and the outing provided the backdrop for a 4 1/2 minute radio feature about the Force of Nature Project for Charlotte public radio station WFAE-FM on Oct. 12. Go directly to the audio, here.

Updated 7 July 2007