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Doing business in the Chinese-speaking world



The following articles by David Boraks are reprinted from Mandarin Speaks, published by The Chinese Connection, Charlotte, N.C., 1995

Lesson I . Cultural Humility

Perhaps the most useful negotiation skills you can bring to a first meeting with potential Chinese business partners are humility and patience.

Lesson II . Lunch with the Mayor

Understanding Chinese social customs, such as protocol at a business lunch with local officials, is crucial to developing relationships. A couple of lessons from failed and successful social encounters.

Lesson III . The man who knew too much

Of course, you can go overboard in your desire to adopt Chinese customs. Once you begin to gain proficiency, be humble about your knowledge of the other culture; you will never be "as Chinese as the Chinese."

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David Boraks is an independent writer and producer in Davidson, North Carolina, USA. He has lived in Shanghai and Taipei and traveled widely in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China. Write him at dboraks@yahoo.com


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Updated 10 July 2007 (originally posted 23 November 1996)